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Sharla Curtis
“Thank you so very much for the amazing awakening! I was expecting to find out what colors would be best for me not what colors bring me to life!  WHAT!!!   Truly a revelation explosion!  If it wasn’t so exciting it would be overwhelming!   So eager to continue this adventure and... Read More
Dawn Lawrence Floen
“You really cleared up a few blocks that I’ve been having around combining clothing and the clothing shapes I should be wearing.  I got dressed, added a statement boho pearl necklace, earrings and gold shoes. Ta Da! I felt awesome & got many compliments. I may even have gained you... Read More
Lois Butts
“Thanks to your expertise and great advise on clothes, hair colour and make up, I had the confidence I needed going into a very important presentation, which ended up in a very successful result for the Youth Centre.  I believe everyone needs to hear when they do I great job, and... Read More
Harpreet Christie
“Michele, your personal shopping services are exceptional!  I want to wear all of it today!”
Chioma Okeke
“Working with Michele…it’s like all along I’ve been reading a book about myself and my image without ‘knowing the title’.  It’s like Michele gave me the title to the book.  I understood more about myself, my body, my colors than I ever have – why I choose what I do,... Read More
Krysta Lopaschuk
“I don’t think I would’ve had the confidence to pull off some of my outfits without your expertise!”
Maria Kavanagh
“I have learned so much about why I wear or don’t wear certain colours or styles of clothes. I’ve been trying to think what my favourite part was during the process…I think what I love the most NOW is I can go in my closet and know that everything that... Read More
Rikki Ducharme
“Michele pulled out the clothing gems (and you have them, believe me) and pieced, mixed, matched and swapped out clothes that I never even dreamed would work together. It was incredible. When she left I felt like a new woman! And, I loved my clothes. That’s huge!””
Jan Freter
“You absolutely #nailedit! I am looking lovely in my navy suit with the purply blouse! I even blinged up with earings and necklace! Feeling great! Thanks again.”
Linnea Goodhand
“No one would ever describe me as being fashion forward or a shopping enthusiast. The idea of hiring a stylist seemed to be the most absurd idea ever…until I met Michele! She has proven that even someone like me can get excited about clothes – colour, fit, shape, style. The... Read More
Wendy Rose
“Michele’s Color Confidence Class rocked! I went through my closet & no wonder I hate 80% of my clothes! They weren’t the right colors for ME!”
Katherine Oster
“I heard about Michele from a friend of mine who had a few sessions with her. I had no idea there was someone who did what she does and I just knew I needed to see her! I have always felt “Blah” about shopping and clothes. I could never find... Read More


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Give Me Some {Sunglasses} Shade

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Let’s talk Sunglasses shapes, Gal! Summer is in full swing so here is a quick cheat-sheet for ensuring that your sunglasses are flattering that beautiful face of yours.  It can sometimes be confusing choosing a pair but remember, just like knowing your body type to dress it, choose sunglasses for…


Reset Your Confidence & Design A Life You Love To Live

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So, here’s what I know… We all need a reset button – a chance to renew ourselves, mindsets, confidence and purpose. How do you do it?  Are you intentional about it? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice the last few weeks of my life have been filled with celebration of…