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Tuesday, November 3
Corinne McGirr
“My personal confidence journey finally lead me to Hue & Style and the amazing Michele! Through her encouragement, resources, workshops,and feeds, I’ve learned so much about discovering my personal style story, dressing properly for my shape, cleaning my closet, practical makeup and embracing color.  This last step in my journey... Read More
Cordelia Gaffer
“I used my “power color” green at a professional networking/ career fair and have four solid contacts that want me to do workshops next month! The best part is one of them wanted to know why I chose to wear that shade of green. I told them all about Michele... Read More
Dayanna Valenciano-Luna
“Now, I can’t began to tell you how exciting I am with our session today!  I knew that signing up for you to be my Image Coach was going to be mind blowing, but little did I know I was going to be completely at a loss for words of... Read More
Sharla Curtis
“Prior to finding my colors, by mid-afternoon I looked exhausted, black bags under my eyes and grey lines everywhere. Now I look bright & alive all day! I even receive compliments consistently & daily!  Needless to say, it empowers me! Lots of people have noticed & asked what I’m doing differently;... Read More
Chioma Okeke
“Working with Michele…it’s like all along I’ve been reading a book about myself and my image without ‘knowing the title’.  It’s like Michele gave me the title to the book.  I understood more about myself, my body, my colors than I ever have – why I choose what I do,... Read More
Katherine Oster
“I heard about Michele from a friend of mine who had a few sessions with her. I had no idea there was someone who did what she does and I just knew I needed to see her! I have always felt “Blah” about shopping and clothes. I could never find... Read More
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4 Stylist Tips to Find Your Style On Pinterest

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A quick 10-minute *Facebook Live Broadcast* lesson on how to use Pinterest more effectively and efficiently to define your style and shop more on purpose.  These 4 tips will save you time, money and frustration and will really help you put your "My Style" board to better use for wardrobe planning...

Four Confidence Lessons From My Mommy

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That's a pic of me teaching my Mom to take a selfie.  She's the sweetest. Always wanting to be "up on technology."  She just turned 72 (shhh don't tell her I told you) and she masterfully uses emojis in her texts.  It's the best! I’ve spoken about my Dad before...
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