• I am a consultant, speaker and author.

    I am a consultant, speaker and author.

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What is it like to work with you?
Each one of my clients is unique. Though I work with defined and proven processes, they flex to fit just what you need to learn. Plus, I have a lot of fun with my clients. We laugh, we chat and most importantly you get someone on your side who wants to help you show the best version of yourself every time you step out of the door!
How much does it cost to work with you?
My services are all pieces of one big image puzzle. Together they give you the fullest picture of how to express your Signature Spark. They are each offered individually as well. Your image service may be as low as $129 or up to $999 for a total transformation.
Is hiring you right for me?
You decide. I am here as a confidence coach and re-invention champion. You will come to a time in your life where you will deep down know if your image, your personal confidence or both is holding you back from exactly what you want in life or if you need your image to change as you surge forward to meet your dreams. Either way, that’s when you call me because you’ll no longer want to compromise your success because of a shaky image.
I am a business owner, how can you help my business?
My first love is small business marketing, and helping businesses understand and express their unique advantage that their competitors can’t, don’t or won’t provide. This is how I approach what I can offer businesses. One of the hardest elements for a competitor to copy is your customer service! Customer service is all IMAGE management from how your sales staff looks, to how your receptionist answers the phone and right down to the consistency of their uniform. I can help you pull these important marketing, customer service and image issues together. Then watch your customers be WOW’d!



“I heard about Michele from a friend of mine who had a few sessions with her. I had no idea there was someone who did what she does and I just knew I needed to see her! I have always felt “Blah” about shopping and clothes. I could never find anything I loved or that looked good. Nothing fit me. I would always settle – usually for black. Yuck. I finally made the decision to do what I love and start my own business. I gave my notice at work that I would not be returning after my second maternity leave. I felt it was great timing to see Michele and develop my image. The differences I saw each appointment were AMAZING! She definitely has a natural “voodoo” ability with colour, style, makeup etc. I had no idea how to apply makeup that really enhanced my natural characteristics – NOW I DO! I am thrilled to say I have a wardrobe with lots of combinations that not only look great (I get compliments every time I’m out) but now I feel confident and fun! I also had no idea what my style was except that I knew I liked some things and really didn’t like others. Well, now I know! The outfit Michele picked out for me after our style analysis actually gave me goosebumps – SHE KNEW! I have had so much fun with her and I look forward to doing more with her.” Katherine Oster, Owner – Power Performance Horses, Turtleford, SK

“I have learned so much about why I wear or don’t wear certain colours or styles of clothes. I’ve been trying to think what my favourite part was during the process…I think what I love the most NOW is I can go in my closet and know that everything that is in there is suppose to be in there. I was in a slump and needed inspiration on what and how my clothes should look. I wanted to be able to look into my closet and not have to think!  I learned a lot about, fashion, shopping, body type, colour and makeup that I didn’t really know before OR maybe I knew but I didn’t know why it was or wasn’t important. NOW I KNOW!  It’s funny because NOW, I will consciously look at an item and think, is it my colour, style, shape…and if it’s not I walk away. I don’t want it in my house taking up space!  Thanks for your guidance and expertise, best money I ever spent!” Maria Kavanagh, Lloydmninster, AB

“No one would ever describe me as being fashion forward or a shopping enthusiast. The idea of hiring a stylist seemed to be the most absurd idea ever…until I met Michele! She has proven that even someone like me can get excited about clothes – colour, fit, shape, style. The great thing about Michele is she quickly came to understand me and my life and how that was (and should be) reflected in my wardrobe. The initial sessions around culling old clothes, defining my style, and learning what clothes would work for me were great. Spending an hour with Michele is a lesson in fashion delivered with a big dollop of positive and infectious enthusiasm. But it got even better…now I have her doing my actual shopping for me!!! That’s right folks, after she figures out what you need, she delivers the actual clothes and accessories to you. I’ve now had her do this for me for the fall/winter season and the spring/summer season and I’ve kept 95% of the choices she has made for me and the ones I don’t want, she returns. Are you kidding me??? My only regret is not having signed up for her services 25 years ago, but then again she was probably only in grade school then so I’m not sure how much help she might have been.” Linnea Goodhand, Lawyer, Lloydminster, Alberta  

“Michele, you are a Ray of Sunshine!  An essential part of teamwork stems from the attitude of the people around us.  Your confidence and encouragement has inspired us to make positive changes.  Teaching us to create our own brand supports an environment that will let us be the best that we can be.  ‘When we know better, we do better!’  An amazing few words that can completely change our thoughts and put us in the direction of owning our careers and exude confidence in ourselves.  Michele, you are a lovely, confident young woman.  Thank you for sharing your zest for life with us.”  Val Shaver & Judy Harrison, Administrative Support Team Managers, Devon Canada Corporation
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JOIN the "Confidence Coalition" mailing list to receive style and personal confidence tips.  Plus, you'll receive my FREE "Style In Five" Report so you can double your confidence before the next time you leave the house!

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